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Roxana, An Advocate for Women's Rights

Country of Origin: PHILIPPINES

"I decided to pursue a PhD in Social, Cultural and Political Thought with the department of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Lethbridge as it perfectly aligns with my career path. With an extensive work background with the UN, Save the Children and other governmental engagements, I feel grateful to be immersed in a multicultural and interdisciplinary approach to research & development education in Canada."

The Flores Family, Los Nuevos Canadienses

Country of Origin: EL SALVADOR

The Flores family recently took their Oath of Canadian Citizenship on September 2018. The father, Mario, came to Canada almost 12 years ago for work and later successfully sponsored the rest of the family to call Canada home.

Josephine & Family, A Dream Come True

Country of Origin: PHILIPPINES

“I have always dreamed of coming to Canada. Making a home here opens up a brighter future and a broader worldview for myself and my family. I am very happy to be able to provide a safe, comfortable life for my daughter here where the world is at her fingertips. It also enables me to earn a sustainable living for myself to be able to provide some support for my family back in my (now other) home, the Philippines."

Michael & Family, Sun After the Rain

Country of Origin: PHILIPPINES

"As the head of the family, I fervently prayed that I will able to provide my wife and kids a better future. With the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to further my studies, being able to work and immigrate to Canada was the answer to my prayers. Though the road ahead is bumpy and winding, I have faith that the journey will be worth it. Finally being in Canada gave me further motivation to pursue my dreams . I am thankful for Sr. San Vicente Ferrer and DAD Immigration Consultancy for my Canadian journey."

Kenia, A Grandfather's Love

Country of Origin: EL SALVADOR 

"My grandfather is one of the biggest support systems in my life. He has been there for me from sending me a new computer while I was pursuing my Medical Technologist degree in El Salvador, buying me new shoes for my graduation and eventually sponsoring me to come to Canada. I am currently enrolled at the University of Lethbridge in hopes of one day being able be a professor in the medical field."

Joanna & Family, A Family Affair

Country of Origin: PHILIPPINES

"It was a dream come true for us to live in Canada as a family. Though the ordeal of moving to a new country was an emotional roller coaster, we are grateful for the boundless opportunities now available for us in Canada. Pursuing a post-diploma education here not only offered me an exceptional learning experience, but also helped me develop a stronger sense of confidence and independence. We look forward to my family's bright Canadian future ahead!""

Mehrnaz, A New Canadian

Country of Origin: MALAYSIA

"I came to Canada to pursue an education degree at the University of Lethbridge, as the University is known to have the best educational practicums in Alberta. Through hard work and dedication, I got my teaching degree and started teaching. I became a Canadian citizen last year. I am very grateful to Rufa and Domingo for their help, encouragement and dedication throughout my citizenship process, as without their constant help and reminders, it would have not happened. I am excited and look forward to creating new and exciting memories in Canada – my new home!"

Erika & Nolan, Love Across Borders

Country of Origins: MEXICO & CANADA

Erika and Nolan first met in Puerta Vallarta on his vacation in January 2016. Their love blossomed through constant communication since their first meeting, leading Nolan to re-visit Mexico 3 months later, and Erika visiting Alberta 6 months later with her family. A year later, Nolan proposed to Erika and a beautiful ceremony was held in Mexico on June 2018. Erika moved to Canada and received PR status and the happy couple are elated to start their Canadian futures together!


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