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The idea of immigrating to Canada can be a daunting often intimidating task. While some people are brave enough to do it on their own with the assumption that it is a more cost-efficient option, placing their future at stake with plenty of uncertainty carries a heavy risk. Many prospective immigrants seek assistance in their application to minimize errors and decrease the chance of being rejected. With the always-changing immigration legislation, it is inevitable for many candidates to be misinformed, and are therefore prone to be taken advantaged by unregulated immigration crooks.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) was enacted in 2002 requires that only immigration lawyers and Regulated Immigration Consultants (RCICs) in good standing can legally assist, represent and provide immigration advice for a fee to anyone on matters regarding immigration to Canada.

It is with this underlying premise that the Doria & Doria (DAD) Canada Immigration Consutling Inc. was formed. This company is registered and based in Southern Alberta, Canada. DAD Immigration's mission is to provide its clients with a highly efficient and professional service, to guide its clients in choosing the best immigration stream suited for their specific situation, and to assist in designing a road map  to realize their ultimate goal of settling in Canada.

Domingo and Rufa Doria came to Canada as immigrants themselves many years ago. They have the knowledge and  a wealth of experience to guide prospective immigrants in navigating the complex Canadian Immigration system. With over sixty immigration options to choose from, DAD Immigration can provide professional guidance to determine which one is the right path. A detailed and concise plan of action will be crafted based on your unique situation and personal qualifications

An initial consultation must be done to evaluate and determine the right immigration stream. After which, a comprehensive plan will be drawn to determine  how to proceed with the application. However, if found that there is a very low probability of success, DAD Immigration will provide a sincere advice not to proceed with the application, to protect the interest of vulnerable people. 

customized service plan will outline the steps of the process. This carefully crafted unique plan is designed to ensure the highest possibility of success based on your specific qualifications and situation

DAD Immigration promises to always be at hand to answer all your inquiries throughout the progress and status of your application and help you begin writing your Canadian story

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